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Blackberry Bold 9780 Review

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If you are very fond of using social networking sites, then you will like the Blackberry Bold 9780 as it includes a Social Feeds app for that purpose. Convenient storage of all your online social media / networking information so you do not have to look all over the place for it when you need it. So if you want to hang around and talk to your friends online, you can post info to them by simply logging quickly from your phone. You can also easily view messages and updates from your contacts on this network.

With the help of applications that work with different social sites, [BlackBerry Bold 9780] can make it simple to stay in touch with everyone. Anyone who uses the Blackberry Bold 9780 will see how long the battery life even if they are surfing on the Internet and upload a lot of information. Battery is better than almost any other smart phone, and you get up to 6 hours of talk time and 36 hours of music playback.

Always be careful when you read reviews about the battery life. No matter what the reviews you read about life, smartphone batteries are always the number one complaint. Many of these reviews should be taken with a grain of salt Because sometimes they are emotionally motivated and not representative of the battery. Blackberry Bold 9780 does not really have a very good battery roomates is something not many smartphones can boast.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone is a very well designed which can only pose some usability issues for those who are new to this product. Smartphone users will testify that their initial experience with their phone may not be easy. All phones come with very comprehensive instructions to help you learn how to use any product by RIM. There is a full tutorial on how to get the most out of the Blackberry and the 6.1 operating system using this model. There is a small learning curve that you will have to go through, but once you do the tutorial, you'll be good to go. The people who watch vids and reading training manuals Usually can use their phones within short time. Is the Blackberry Bold 9780 smart phone is right for you? Blackberry Bold is beloved my many people but is it really the right choice for you? Only you can decide. The people who need to stay in touch with many contacts, whether for business or social reasons, often find the Blackberry become the most convenient to use. The next step you have to look for Blackberry distributor and take the Blackberry Bold for a test drive.

Blackberry Bold 9780
blackberry, blackberry bold, blackberry bold 9780
Heres a small list of pros and cons of the 978 

The good: The RIM BlackBerry Bold 9780 ships with BlackBerry OS 6. The smartphone offers double the flash memory and a higher-megapixel camera than the Bold 9700. There's also support for Wi-Fi calling.

The bad: Hardware isn't much different from the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

The bottom line: The RIM BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a solid messaging smartphone and ships with the latest BlackBerry OS, but it's not necessarily worth the upgrade.

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