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iOS 7.1 makes iPhone 4, iPhone 4S usable again

apple-iphone-4s-ios-7-1-updateLast night Apple started rolling out the iOS 7.1 update, which not only addressed quite a few issues plaguing users since iOS 7, but also introduced a host of new features. More importantly though, the update has given a breath of fresh life to ageing devices like the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the first-generation iPad mini, which were rendered unusable after updating to iOS 7.

Since updating their phones, users have noticed a bump in performance and the OS on these older devices feels much smoother. Though there are no outright improvements in terms of CPU or GPU performance, Apple has introduced quite a few tweaks that ensure things run smoothly on these devices. One of the first things that you are likely to notice is the toned down animations, which used to take up a lot of time and add to the app loading times. With iOS 7.1, Apple has also introduced an option for users to turn off the parallax motion, which too gives a slight smoothness and boost to performance.

The folks at ArsTecnica ran a test to see just how much the performance had improved post the update. The numbers show the improvement in app load times on iOS 7.1 update as compared to iOS 7, though the new OS is still slower than iOS 6.1.3.

 APPLICATIONiOS 6.1.3iOS 7.0iOS 7.1 GM
Safari1.13 seconds2.05 seconds1.8 seconds
Camera1.9 seconds2.63 seconds2.2 seconds
Settings1.31 seconds1.88 seconds1.37 seconds
Mail1.0 seconds1.50 seconds1.35 seconds
Messages1.57 seconds2.80 seconds1.5 seconds
Calendar1.23 seconds1.78 seconds1.37 seconds
Phone0.67 seconds2.37 seconds1.83 seconds
Cold boot to lock screen31.14 seconds45.13 seconds43.1 seconds

We too asked our readers if they had noticed any changes post the update and most of them replied saying they had. You can see their tweets embedded below.

Have you updated one of the above mentioned devices to iOS 7.1? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

Photo: Paranjay Dutt

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