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Titanfall launch: How to preload the game for instant gratification

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Arguable the most anticipated game so far this year, Titanfall is a mere hours away for some. With a digital version available for every platform the game is going to exist on at launch, theres a good chance you could be stuck waiting for your game to download instead of playing when the servers go live. Unless of course, you preload your game.

If youre not planning to wait in line at your local game store at midnight to pick up the small person-sized Collectors Edition box for PC, digital folks will be seated comfortably at home when Titanfall launches for the US. Whether youve purchased the game directly from the Origin store or are waiting for it to become available for purchase on Xbox Live, were only a few hours away from the launch.

PC owners will have the ability to preload Titanfall, meaning if you purchase the game now you can have everything ready to go the second it goes live in your timezone. According to Respawn, the launch of Titanfall will be staggered like this:

United States: 3/11/14 12:00 AM PDT
Canada: 3/11/14 12:00 AM PDT
Mexico: 3/11/14 12:00 AM PST
Brazil: 3/11/14 4:00 AM BRT
Austria: 3/13/14 12:00 AM CET
France: 3/13/14 12:00 AM CET
Germany: 3/13/14 12:00 AM CET
Ireland: 3/14/14 12:00 AM GMT
Italy: 3/13/14 12:00 AM CET
Spain: 3/13/14 12:00 AM CET
United Kingdom: 3/14/14 12:00 AM GMT
Australia: 3/13/14 12:00 AM AEDT
New Zealand: 3/14/14 12:00 AM NZDT

Preloading the game is easy. If youve already purchased Titanfall for your PC, youll see a preload option available to you in the Origin app on your computer. If you havent made the purchase yet, youll see the preload option appear as soon as the transaction is complete and Titanfall has been added to your Library. If you pre-ordered the game at a retail outlet, youll be provided with a code that will add the game to your Library, which means you cant preload without that code.

If youre planning to purchase the game digitally on the Xbox One, youll need to wait until it is available on Xbox Live to do so. The game will then need to download and install, and neither Microsoft nor Respawn has announced a preload function for the console version yet.

There will be no Day One update for Titanfall on the Xbox One to address the resolution of the game, which was suggested when the Beta rolled out last month. Just like the Beta, Titanfall on the Xbox One will run at 792p. There may be an update later on that addresses this (and gets it nearer to 900p), but at launch the game will likely look almost exactly like the Beta.

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