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AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition

So far, AMD does not have the technology to 32 nm, as the series Intel Core i5 and i3, and even glad, to be made that variants of the Phenom core with 42 nm technology. This policy seems to have an order to stay competitive by enabling customers to view only the functionality and performance they need to buy.

Dual-core Phenom, the new products is still running at 3.2 GHz speed, supports 2 GB of RAM with Windows Vista in benchmark tests, includes the overall score reached 1.64. The result is similar to creating an Intel Core i3-540 operates at the speed 3.06 GHz, but each has advantages and disadvantages of the individual test results.

AMD is much better than the possible applications for the office, where he scored 555 X2 is much better than the I3 with a score of 1.35 for the test 1.62. Have I3 L3 has only 512 KB of L2 cache and 4 MB, while the Phenom seems to have a larger cache to a larger capacity for Office applications has.

As I drove with several tests of the ability to manipulate 2D graphics, i3 is a score of 1.80 in light of the Phenom, which was 1.71 in the testing of procedures such as encryption, the score back to a Phenom: 39 The intensification of the competition takes place in the multitasking test, where scores 1.84 and I3-540 Phenom 1.8, the results are quite surprising, since I3 with Hyper-Threading Technology should be able to manage the database of Athlon fast process.

A little more expensive Intel Core Power System has demonstrated that 32-nm-40W idle and 80W when the peak load demands. While working with AMD 890GX motherboard and an ATI Radeon 4290 integrated graphics berchipset, Windows power saving mode, consumes 55W idle and 110W fashion affected the tax is very high.

If X2 555 is not a winner in terms of electrical efficiency, but higher in price Intel components. The selling price of Intel Core i3-540 is much more expensive than the Athlon X2 555, while AMD socket AM3 motherboards are cheaper than the 1156 model of the Intel LGA.

An error, the Phenom X2 II 555 has to be build in an option for planning to a PC for the office or a standard PC for the home, in a position to multiple applications and the latest Intel processors at a much cheaper price to handle.


AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition

Detail Specifications :

ClassPhenom II
L2 Cache1024 Kb
Front Side BusHyperTransport up to 2000 MT/s
Items IncludedHeat Sink + Fan
Clock Speed3200 MHz
Price$ 93.23 (Indonesia)

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