This Is Apple's Next iPhone

        Apple's newest creation the iPhone promises to take small hand held digital devices to the next level. It is more than a phone, but rather a high tech multi-functional device that allows you to make phone calls, text message, surf the Internet, take pictures, check Email, watch video, and best of all includes a video iPod. Not only that it takes user-friendly a step further with a few smarter features such as the touch pad screen that works with the touch of your finger, and nothing else! It has special sensors that know when a larger flat object such as your face is pressing against the phone, or if it is a smaller object such as a human finger.

The iPhone is not even on sale yet, as it is set to be released with two year contracts for service with carriers such as Cingular, the new AT&T. Apple has decided to go with GSM technology for the iPhone. Phones sold by AT&T as well as T-Mobile come with the SIM card disabled, effectively locking them to the network. It is possible to unlock these phones and is also legal to do so in America.

No one really knew exactly how many features the 
NEW I PHONE would have, and many are satisfied with what they are hearing. The iPhone is has a liquid filled TOUCH SCREEN, along with Wi-fi capabilities. It is about time that Apple extended their technology to the popular and ever growing mobile phone industry. Similar to the iPod, the iPhone won't have a replaceable battery, and is also designed to have a closed system.

Over the past few years Apple has basically dominated the MP3 scene with their iPod, so it only makes sense to include this popular device in their iPhone attracting even more users. Since the time the iPod was released it has evolved into a small digital device capable of playing and storing many full length movies and music. The iPod also has thousands of useful accessories that are available online and in retail stores, as well as iTunes for music. It will only be a matter of time before there are this many accessories for the iPhone, but I'm sure you can get basic protective accessories when you purchase your phone.

The APPLE I PHONE will also have the capability of running Google maps, conference calling, text, as well as other multimedia messaging. The iPhone also has Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity, Email software, and web browser. The coolest and most unique feature about the iPhone is that there no key pad or stylus needed. Instead there is a 3.5 inch square touch pad that is sensitive to the touch of your finger. When you want to type out an Email, text message, or document you can select the virtual KEY PAD for easier typing.

You can purchase your own iPhone after it is released in June of this year. The price for a 4GB is $499 and for double the memory at 8GB it will run you $599, the much better deal. Over time the price will decrease and the amount of space will increase. It is also likely that other companies are scrambling to come up with their own versions of this awesome new mobile device.

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