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Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi - Convenience and Connectivity in One Sleek Design

        The newest addition to the wonderful collection from one of the world's leading electronic gadgets manufacturers has taken everyone by surprise. We might have thought that we have seen it all: video conferencing, email, touchscreen, and others; but we never expected to see that everything we want can be so conveniently compressed into a small package such as an electronic handheld device.
With the Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi, a completely new door of opportunity is opened to everyone who seriously takes entertainment, business, family, and leisure as their priorities in life. Arriving in the digital world in a sleek and sassy design, the Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi gives quite an impression. Packed with the latest features and applications, this gadget is deemed to redefine how handhelds exist in the world of electronics. Below are some of the amazing things that you might find in an Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi:

1) Handy Multi-purpose Computer:

It's like having your personal computer squeezed into a small pad-like case that can be kept in your pocket. The Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi is only 0.5inch thick and around 7inches long, which would make you wonder in awe at its capabilities and functions. You can surf the Internet, check your email, play one-of-a-kind games, use Apple applications, watch videos, listen to your favorite music, and much more. With its built-in Wi-Fi, you can be up-to-date with all the latest news or events as you stay connected through the web.

2) Superb Audio and Video Performance:

Apple has been credited for their performance in creating hardware that would perform at its best. With the sound and video quality of the Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi, it would definitely appeal to the senses of its user and take your entertainment experience to an optimum level. Its high definition, widescreen display with a 1024-by-768-pixel resolution and 132ppi will make you feel like you are not just using a handheld device, and its audio playback features is limitless. You can even use it as your own personal TV.

3) Astonishingly Easy to Use:

The Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi can change the mind of an anti-tech towards gadgets with its power, home, volume, and screen rotation lock buttons are so ergonomically located that would make you feel as if it is part of your hand. With its oleophobic coating that is fingerprint-resistant; touchscreens will no longer bother you as there would be no more irritating smears on the display. It can even display multiple languages at the same time, so you won't have any problems understanding how it is operated. What's more, it is equipped with a VoiceOver screen reader and it can be zoomed at full-screen.

4) Internet-ready and Email Support:

The Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi has a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, and EDR technology that enables its Internet connectivity. Opening all your email attachments and file formats will no longer be an issue as this gadget supports almost all types of documents.

5) Large Storage Capacity:

With a memory of 64GB, you can store all the data you need in one single and compact tool. The Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi has enough space to accommodate all your favorite games, videos, music, and even softcopies of your work-related documents. There is definitely room for all the things you need.
Aside from these great features, the Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi is available at an incredibly low price, which would even makes things better. Check out your local stores now and take a bite of this wonderful creation only from Apple.
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