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Bathroom can also be an entertainment area!

Relaxation is no more about peace rather it seems to be about having as many cool gadgets around you which let you enjoy favourite music or any cool video irrespective of the place you are in? It may be a bathroom. Science has not left you alone even in the bathroom since many of us while taking bath feel alone if we don't have a bathtub with TV and MP3 player.I think i am quite right!

So far we have seen all sorts of shower cabins and bathtubs incorporating entertainment systems, or speakers and TV sets designed especially to fit in the bathroom, why not an MP3 mirror?

If you think that such an item doesn't exist yet, you might want to think again, because Italian designer Antonio Lupi
is now back with an MP3 mirror to give your bathroom a hi-tech feel and keep you entertained while you are getting ready for the day ahead.But let me tell you,bathroom is not an entertainment area,atleast for me.

This so-called MP3 mirror is provided with a music diffusion system fitted in the base and can also dock your iPod. The mirror features LED lighting to keep your bathroom illuminated at night.Moreover this music amplification system can be fitted to all mirrors with a steel made frame.

As far as availability and pricing is concerned,it is too early to say and for the time bieng just put it on the designer's site. If anybody has latest news regarding the pricing of MP3 mirror please leave in comments.

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