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Bejeweled Blitz free games on Facebook and Android

There are a lot of games in the internet with a different kinds of category they listed and they are all fun and exciting game features. but here are one of the game i am going to share in this article about the game Bejeweled Blitz that are trending in the internet and talking of a million  players all around the world. bejeweled blitz on Facebook is also one of the best game source which you can play this game for free.

If you want to play this game just go the apps Facebook bejeweled blitz and it will allow you to play and enjoy all the amazing features have in this game. just a little hint and guide, it is one of the addictive game and can play both adult and kids. make sure to do work first before playing the game or else someone might scolded at you. just kidding.

Bejeweled blitz on Facebook is now a trending game and it is one of the top Facebook games playing around the world, also additional feedback and news related to Bejeweled blitz game that it has a simple tip so that it will allow to have a good score.

  • By clicking the Mouse and control in the keyboard it will turn and change the gem (the one gem you click) became a multiplier score gem.
  • In the game, when clicking the Shift and the mouse click they said that the particular gem became into a power gem.
  • It will allow also that the normal gem once clicking the alt and the mouse click it will became a hyper gem.
  • Clicking the 1 to 7 keyboard keys will allow to became a normal gem into adjacent gem.
I don't think if it is still work just try, but it is still better to play fair and make a good score having a great time and well practice. in additional, play bejeweled blitz android and it is available to download in android gadget in Google Play and it is free of charge and it will play anywhere and anytime. make sure that you have  a required android version when trying to install in.

Bejeweled blitz free game is one of the best game and one of search in the internet. try to play this game and you will know what i was talking in this article. you can also try one of the best game not only in Facebook but it can play in the internet and it is a hassle free playing Tom and Jerry game for kids.

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