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Camouflaged DVR Cameras TB0-TECH

The main problem we faced while using hidden cameras was wireless intefacing. But there has development recently by TB0-TECH.They have recently announced that they're launching a new line of such self recording devices and they promise they're really easy to use.It is known as Camouflaged DVR Cameras.

According to the written-description from the company's press release, their Self Recording DVR Hidden Camera use a SD card to store all the video footage they record. To view them, you just have to connect the camera to your PC or you can also take the SD card out of the camera and insert into the computer.

Users don't have to worry about a separate DVR or VCR, as the camera "records to itself". Moreover it allows you to record for 8 to 144 hours( depends upon the model). The company claimed it to be indeed hidden so much so that even the trained observers could detect its presence. Also there are no hidden LEDs or clicking noises that makes it look like anything but a digital recording camera.

It comes in different camouflages likewise air purifiers, clock radios, boom boxes, air fresheners, but there are other similar everyday shapes available as well.The price varies depending on the model,for example, a Self Recording DVR Hidden Camera camouflaged as an EXIT sign costs $514, but you'll have to buy the 8GB SD card and the SD card reader separately, for $39 and $13 respectively.

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