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Cool PVC Pipe Speaker

I know few friends want to decorate out computer desk with stylish computer outputs devices, because now a days many of electronic gadgets designer design new and stylish e gadgets, The Cool PVC Pipe Speaker is such a new and stylish electronic gadgets, which you can use with computer and other electronic products such as you can used this cool electronic gadgets with your music players. This stylish electronic gadget is available in different color in the markets. SO friends enjoy with new electronic gadgets on your computer desk.

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PVC, a cheap, durable polymer useful for all types of pipes and potato guns, has long been a go-to Maker material. But these Sea Cucumber speakers, available on Etsy ...,First off, how cool is that name? Brings up fond memories of Mumm-ra (the ever living), ... Ikyaudio PVC Pipe Speakers Look Like One-Eyed Musical Snakes.,This pair of handmade PVC pipes speakers is available in several colors: white, black, yellow, and red. ... Cool Gadgets; Crazy Gadgets; Crazy Graphics; Creative Gadgets;,PVC Pipe Speakers Desktop Gear ... Gear | Desktop: These speakers from Etsy seller ikymagoo for $200. It also has red and yellow verison.,There you will find several actual PVC pipes that masquerade as full range speakers built by ... I liked the idea of making a speaker out of PVC pipe. It seems cool.,Cool Stuff; TV; Contact Us; PVC Pipe ... PVC Pipe Speakers ($200) are handmade by Chicago-based ikymagoo, and feature 3-inch magnesium/aluminum alloy full range ...,It can also be decent looking audio accessories like these PVC Pipe Speakers. ... cool stuff for your home that's crazy! funniest gadgets mods, hacks, & diy projects.,speakers made from pvc pipes, ... Cool project and nice speakers. I have two pairs of HiVi 2" speakers and planned to do something like this (see below).,ikyaudio PVC Pipe Speakers. It takes a special kind of crazy to look at a piece of PVC pipe and think, hey, this would make a great speaker. The guys at Ikyaudioa ...,Making a PVC pipe speaker requires a great deal of gluing and some wiring, but in the end you can have a speaker enclosure that gives you the same sound as an ...

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