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Cool Sony Rolly

In 2010 a lot of stylish electronic gadgets introduced in market from different famous electronic gadgets manufacturers, Cool Sony Rolly is another cool electronic gadget of year 2010, This stylish electronic gadget ia an egg-shaped robotic music player, this stylish electronic gadget is made by Sony, combining music functions with robotic dancing. This Stylish E-Gagdet had several motors that allow it to rotate and spin, and two LED strips running around its edge and cup-type "wings" can open and close each end, which could all be synchronized with the music played.

The sound sensitivity components detect beat, the rhythm, voice and tone, which could be used for the this stylish e gadget to automatically react to music. This Stylish Rolly was also a G-force sensor (accelerometer) which detected if the player moved up or down. The control of the road was always on top and the volume control is always on the bottom. preprogrammed movements with the music can be downloaded from personal computers using Bluetooth, which was composed on the computer, or received from the repository Sony systems movement of the user-made. This stylish electronic gadget had 2 gigabytes of flash memory to store music files.

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