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Difference between a legitimate and fake like in Facebook Page

I was bit confused when i saw one of good Facebook Page with over a million likes, unlike my page with only 50 likes and they are almost from my friends in my Facebook account. i was bit jealous when i saw that Facebook Page until i discover one thing that it is not really totally amazing.

Million Facebook Likes is it possible? in some reasons yes it is. a lot of strategies regarding to social marketing strategy on how to gained and to have a million people to be like by their page. one major factor on how to have this is being one of the best. but this strategies is not totally applicable now, some of my research in the internet has a program or tools that make a fake likes in Facebook and Followers in Twitter. is this software useful? are this fake Likes and fake follower is a wise strategies? in some reasons, maybe this is good enough to have gain popularity to show how they are top to others not knowing that all are fakes and computer program generated. It has a good and legitimate Like in Facebook and Follow in Twitter, they make it to the top by using good strategies, but there are also fake and computer generated.

How to make a Legitimate Likes and Follows
Be one of the best by using a friendly manner to add and gained more friends in social network, by adding them and invite to your page is superb than doing something not really cool. it is also possible to raise and have chance to promote your page unlike by page which has a fake and computer generated likes. better to have a real 100 likes and follows than to have a thousand fake.

Fake and Real one is different
Comparing 1 than 100 is long way run. by having  small and big is matters when it comes to numbers. but how about when you are selling a product, is it good to have a thousand fake than 100 legitimate likes? how about the income? how are you going to endorse your product in fake likes or follows, selling products in  a wide desert.

In some case there are also reason why fake generated likes is good and they used it to attract real one to make access in there page, maybe it is good strategies indeed.

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