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Facebook My Ninja Game and Element Strategies

Playing Ninja is now available to play in Facebook games and it is one of the trending game which played by million gamer around the world for its amazing game play. are you familiar to character in some anime series like Naruto and Kakashi in Naruto Anime series. then this is a good game you are looking for, invite and make a battle with your friend in Facebook and have some fun.

Facebook My Ninja is one of the trending game to be played online with amazing characters and special power effects. here are some of game reviews for this game My Ninja in Facebook Game.

How to play My Ninja game in Facebook

The Game starts with a brief introduction that it shows about the Raven clan and other main character in the game. which it will support and it has a part while playing the game. make sure to read the introduction to go with the flow and know something very important like other game introductions. it will also support first time player on how to play My Ninja a game in Facebook which is totally amazing with good ratings.

One of the good features in this game is you can select your character clan and power to beat your opponent.

Fire Power : 
Beat your opponent with amazing fire power with exciting effects. in this fire power you will have a strong element of fire. make sure to have a good strategies on how to make more powerful your selected element. like other games, fire is weak to water that is why make a good effort on how to beat them using good armors and awesome stats.

Lightning Power:
A sharp and fast way to defeat enemies with a lighting bolt power, one good example is Pikachu from Pokemon game. in this game you have a strong power using the element of lightning. but be aware on ground type player, in some case a lighting is weak to those ground elements, be better make a good armor and game plan to win it.

Wind Power:
Some of awesome things to have a wind power is unbreakable. make sure to make it one of the best power better than fire and lightning. as far as i know wind is a neutral power without a weakness. but as a support make sure to complete gear by having good game plan and good armors.

Water Power:
Destructive and amazing power using the power of tides. one of the best and powerful element also with some games related to water. it has a good power defense to make your character more vulnerable to all enemies. but be aware of those lightning power just because they are powerful and one rival of water type.

Earth / Ground power:
Earth power is good in defense, one of the best shield against lightning type based on strategies game. but one thing you must know is about the weakness of earth using a water element. so that make sure to have a strong armors and game strategies to defeat them all.

My Ninja Facebook Game Strategies and other game related

Some power elements has a weak points against elements, make sure to read and know more information regarding to game plan using element power. a fire element is weak in water, a water element is weak in lightning, a lightning is powerful to ground or earth but weak in water. wind is neutral amazing power but i did not say good and bad depends on a player on how to beat them.

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