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Hide Drives In My Computer

1. Go to Start > Run > Type diskpart a dos window will appear .

2. Then type list volume this will look like it..

Volume ###----------Ltr--------Label----Fs-----------Type----------Size-----Status ----Info

Volume 0----------------G -----------------------------DVD-ROM------0 B
Volume 1----------------C-----------NTFS------------Partition------15 GB----Healthy--System
Volume 2--------------- D--------------NTFS---------Partition------20 GB----Healthy
Volume 3 ---------------E--------------NTFS---------Partition------20 GB----Healthy
Volume 4 ---------------F--------------NTFS-------- Partition------21 GB----Healthy


3. If u wanna hide drive E then type Select volume 3 then a message will appear {Volume 3 is the selected volume}.

4. Now type Remove letter E now a message will come { Diskpart Removed the Drive letter } Sometime it requires the Reboot the computer.

5. Diskpart will remove the letter. Windows XP is not having Capability to identify the unknown volume.

Don't be afraid about the data, It will remain in the drive. To Access the Drive Again repeat the process. At 4th step Just Replace Remove To Assign.

Example: To Get back drive E Type Assign letter E.

Note: Never Hide Drive C

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Have you ever needed to hide a drive on a system? For example, suppose you manage a system shared ,By default, Windows XP's My Computer window displays all of the drives on your computer -- hard disks, floppy drives, CD or DVD drives, even remote networked drives ,Let me thanks Atish once again to present you guys with another Registry Trick. In this tutorial we will see how you can hide a particular Drive or multiple drives ,How to hide drives from my computer lol --Information-- --the directories -- User:[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microso ­ft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies ,User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer Description. Removes the icons representing selected drives from My Computer and ,If youve got drives in My Computer that you never access, such as a USB Flash drive that you are using solely for ReadyBoost, a floppy drive, or a network drive ,How to Hide and Lock Hard Disk Drives in "My Computer". Did you know you can secure the data on the hard disk drives by hiding or locking them. In Windows, use the ,Hiding the individual physical/removable/optical drives in My computer is possible in Windows XP using the "NoDrives" registry entry. This is equivalent to ,With Group Policy Objects in Windows, there is a "Hide these specified drives in My Computer" option that lets you hide specific drives. However, it may be ,This setting allows you to control which drives are visible in My Computer and Explorer. It is possible to hide all drives or just selected ones.

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