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How To Clean RAM

:: To clean ur RAM

very easily





>save it with name-


>now run d script

>ur pc will speed

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Level of difficulty: Easy Random Access Memory (RAM) performs as volatile storage memory for the computer for storing open programs on the system.,Best Answer: From your question it's not clear that how you want to clear your RAM, are you want to reduce your ram usage or you want to totally free up ,This works well for me. I found the idea online, but had to tweak the command a bit to make it work. Right click on an empty area on your desktop select "NEW" The ,Blog: http://pc4newbs.blogspot.com/ How to speed up your PC & internet connection & boost computer faster. Makes mozilla firefox fast also. Made by ,If you are working with lots of programs in your desktop computer or laptop, you will notice that your computer system gets quite slower. Initially, when you boot up ,How can I clean out my RAM memory in my PC? 5 years ago; Report Abuse; by ThuhaH Member since: If you want to clean your memory, here is a nice little ,Download Clean Ram - Will clean up your PC memory from unnecessary memory allocation,This is a tutorial on how to clean PHYSICAL RAM on your PC. Completely harmless and works like a charm ;3 ----- ­----- ­----- I will refrain from ,Sometimes you need to clear computer RAM memory because a program is frozen and has stopped responding. RAM (random access memory) holds data for currently running ,Cleaning up RAM usually begs the question: "What is RAM?" RAM is an acronym for random-access memory. The key to understanding why it needs to be cleaned or cleared

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