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How to password protect MS word file?

How to password protect MS word file?

Goto tools in MSword>option>security.

Then type desired password

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How to password protect ms word and excel 2007 files and how to watermark ms word files.,Take a look at this article I wrote for password protect MS word 2007 document. you will find the password displayed in "File Opening/Editing Password" box.,How can I protect my Microsoft Office files? to Password to open if you wish the file to be completely inaccessible without the password In Word 2002 and ,How do I protect a microsoft file with a password on my Mac? The purpose is, i don't want word to open up my file without asking for a password.. every time i'll open ,Password encryption in MS Word Microsoft word 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007 enable you to use password encryption. This is standard functionality; no additional file ,Password protect documents, In addition to setting a password to open a Word document, Under File sharing, in the Password to modify box, ,If you share a computer with others, you may want to password protect your Microsoft Word files.This is necessary if you have written something you want to keep ,Password protection prevents other people from opening or modifying your files.,How to Password-Protect a Word 2007 File. How to Password-Protect MS Word 2007. Microsoft Office Word 2007 is Microsoft's latest version of its industry ,Password Protect Microsoft Word and Excel Documents: Attaching Password Protected Files to Email Messages; Opening Password Protected Attachments; Introduction.

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