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Introduction to Google Play and its history background

A lot of exciting products that dream come true, back then every time i went to the internet and search for games and applications have a price but now it is completely free brought to you by GOOGLE PLAY or GOOGLE MARKET. it is an exciting way to download Android Applications and Games with surely already fix errors and a virus free.

Introduction to Google Play

It is a digital Application distribution platform and it is one of the good products of Google which has an electronic Store developed and they make it maintained by Google. in this application, it is possible to download Android Games and Applications either free and at a cost.

Google Play Release Date

Back then, Google Play is known Android Market and the initial release was on October 23, 2008. and now it still working as GOOGLE PLAY and trending in the internet. as of Feb 2013, they have an active 800,000 + applications and still growing.

More on Google Play

The fact that every phones going to release now has an Android Application already installed and it is easy to troubleshoot and supported by Android. fixing an error is also easy just because a lot of good applications is release for free just to troubleshoot errors.

History of Google Play

On March 6, 2012, Android Market and Google Music merged and it is renamed Google Play and it is starts making a good history of Android Era.

This Article help me to make with the help of very own Wikipedia.

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