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The Nokia Locate Sensor is a modeat gadget that lets you keep track of your valuables within a range of 100 m by using a really unique application installed on your cell phone.

Just fix the tag to your belongings and use the application to track them

You can keep an eye on more than one item as the application supports up to 100 different tags. The Nokia Locate Sensor can operate efficiently up to 18 days before you need to recharge it.

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Remember that tiny Nokia Locate Sensor weve seen at the CES? Well, Nokia Research Center is in the midst of several trials of the technology within 40 buildings ...,Aside from introducing new phones at this years CES, Nokia has also unveiled a project of their R&D arm Nokia Locate Sensor. The tiny device is designed to ...,Nokia Locate Sensor has just made its debut at CES 2009. The brainchild of the folk over at the Nokia Research Center, Locate Sensor is a prototype service designed ...,Nokia Locate Sensor - Heres a rather innovative device that Nokia has come up with, the Nokia Locate Sensor. Its basically a small device that that can be ...,Don't get too excited, as this isn't a commercial product yet, but Nokia have shown off Locate Sensor, a tiny gadget that can be attached to anything precious and ...,Over the recent couple of years, we've come across quite a few gadgets designed especially to allow users to keep track of their belongings even in the most horrid of ...,Nokia Sensor is a software package available on some mobile handsets manufactured by Nokia. It is an application of Bluetooth communication technology. Nokia Sensor ...,GLOBAL Ever since the Nokia Locate Sensor concept was unveiled by NRC back at CES in January, weve been engrossed with this innovative lost-and-found tagging ...,The Nokia Locate Sensor is a nifty little gadget that lets you keep track of your wallet, car keys, children (or even spouse?) within a range of 100 m by using a ...,LAS VEGAS, USA Nokia Research kept this one quiet Nokia Locate Sensor can help you find lost keys, phones, bags, purses or anything youre likely to need ...

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