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Review on how to play Criminal Case games in Facebook

Its been a long time since the last time i played criminal case games in the internet, then when i am doing some research i just notice and find out that Facebook has a game which is similar to what i played before, that is why i urgently play this game. Facebook Criminal Case is one of the trending games which has a million fan playing this game and i am one of those. 

Similar to what i am playing before if i am not mistaken it is Mystery Case, only fact that this game is online and hassle free to play. let me give you a brief introduction on how to play this game, specially to those  first time to play Criminal Case in Facebook.

Criminal Case is a game which can be played in Facebook, it is one of exciting game which the main purpose is find things that is included and a very important to solve a case. to find it,. as a detective and item finder you need to find those magic items to advance and to solve the mystery. don't worry if you don't find some of those items because there are hints where it can trace which that item located. 

As you can see in my image, a lot of things together with the items you need to find. make sure to find it before it runs of time, the sooner the time you find those items the better chance to get a high score. earning. score is depend on you, it will multiply into x6, x5, x4, x3 and x2.

Just a friendly hint, don't confused and find to get cheat just to apply and have a good standing in this game. it is better to play in a fair way than doing some malicious things. as a player, i try also to finish some of games by applying cheat on it. but the fact that there is no challenge and missed those hard time but it feels good when it is solved.

The items you need to find are listed and once you find it, it will automatically disappear. you can also monitor and see hint bar volume in the lower right which you need it to find those items listed, once it runs out it will temporary out until you advance into the next level. so better used it wisely and try to find it in your own guts.

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