Well,here comes another but interesting so-called The Anybot telepresence robot.This telepresence robot has a videophone,as depicted above. But the difference is that both screen and phone are incorporated into a 2 wheeled human sized robot.

Anybot uses technology that always remain upright even while bending. This may be , what i guess bieng a "B-E electronics" student is it may look down on your minions even when youre away from the office.

The Anybot telepresence robot has a top speed of 6 MPH, a built in laser pointer (maybe we see a gun in later versions), 2 cameras and full duplex audio. Isn't that a cool gadget?? Guys like us may use this idea in the final year project, think upon??...

A week before our university had a open house i-e project display and our seniors had a project not similar to the above mentioned but quite closer to.The robot was designed to calculate the distance of any object coming in his way with the help of two cameras and then applying disparity calculation algorithm. It is woth mentioning here that it was just MATLAB and MICROCONTROLLER programming and just a mechanical assembly....

To request for the description of other projects,feel free to contact at mohd_ahmed89@hotmail.com

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