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Some basic terms related to the Internet

Some basic terms related to the Internet

Router: A router connects two or more logical subnets and performs the functions of routing and forwarding information.

Intranet: It is a relatively smaller private network that uses the Internet protocols and connectivity. It is an extension of the Internet and is privately used by organizations.

Extranet: It is a private network that uses Internet technology to share a part of the business information and operations with suppliers and customers. It can be a part of a companys intranet that provides access to the users outside the company.

Virtual Private Network: It is a private network that allows the exchange of information between computers over a shared or a public network.

Wireless Networking: It refers to computer networking that is carried out over the wireless media.

Broadband Internet: Broadband connectivity to the Internet provides the users with a high-speed Internet access.

Dial-up Internet: In this type of access to the Internet, the users computer is attached to a modem connected to a telephone line. Dial-up Internet access involves a modem that dials into an Internet service provider to establish a connection.

Satellite Internet: Internet services that make use of the satellite communication media are termed as satellite Internet services. They are used in locations that are mobile thus making terrestrial Internet connectivity, an impossibility.

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