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Stay away from Tricks that may Suspend your Google Adsense Account

A lot of Publishers of Google Adsense already making a lot of money in the internet and they make it as one of source of income by making interesting articles that helps visitors answer all the questions that they don't know. kind of articles that helps one person by searching it by Google search. it also one way to helps people in the whole world asking for the right things to do, and guide where to go. but then making money to Google Adsense is not an easy task, its not just writing an article and urgently post it. but a lot of things you need to understand first like
  • How to monitor your visitors using Google Analytics.
  • know what is happening to your website or blog using Webmaster Tools.
  • A tool used to get traffic using Google Adword keyword tools .
  • What is trending today using Google/Trends
  • Share and make your website known by top bloggers using Google +
  • And a lot more to do
The 5 i mentioned above are the top priorities to make your blog/website one of the best and it takes time to make it better. there are no ways to make your website be on to the top in very a short time. perhaps, i already ready a lot of website sharing those hard memories to make it one of the best, and i am really inspired to them.

Do not confused if someone asking you to have some applications or trick to have a good visitors and make fast rankings. as i mentioned do not fall in to it. a tricky things to do while you are associating to Google Adsense is a major cause to make your website suspended. i also read some forums tells and explain why some of website easily suspend they're account because of those tricks, so better stay away to those things and make a fair and clean blogging.

Here are some things why Google Adsense Suspended

Invalid Clicks
In this matter, invalid clicks maybe done by an accident, so that if you want to avoid this, make sure you are always careful while doing and checking your blog or website. invalid clicks may affect your earnings and the worst is, it will automatically banned or suspend your account. 

Click by friends
One of tricky way to cheat, a cheat which done by some cheater to raise their earnings and make a way to click the ads in some friends, better to stay away and don't do this and make a legit way and pure organic source. as far as i know, organic visitors make a good impression and rank your PR. clicking ads to a friends will also one risk to make your Adsense get suspended. no doubt, Google Personnel is more wiser than those people make tricky ways.

Copy Paste Content
One major problem for those website owner who make original articles. it is also one tricky ways to have plenty articles in their blog not knowing that it is a copy paste content came from legit websites. no doubt, making a copy paste content will automatically banned and suspend to Google Adsense. better to make your own articles and stay away copy and pasting articles.

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