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The Latest ASUS Motherboard Design Powerful

Acting in its role as industry leader, ASUS revealed a complete line of Intel ® X79 Express Chipset motherboards based on the Global Seminar 2011 a series of events

ASUS showcases the latest in motherboard design powerful and innovative
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 Motherboard
ASUS, leading manufacturer of the motherboard, just completed an international series of technical workshops presented a complete list of Intel ® X79 Express Chipset motherboards based on socket LGA 2011. Just as the 2011 Global Seminar covered the world, new ASUS offerings cover all desktop PCs used P9X79 control Series centric, robust integrated TUF series, and the ROG Rampage Extreme IV overclocking board.

Seminar on Global ASUS 2011
Held around the world October 13 to 31, these special technical conferences ASUS innovations to share with partners and the media. All these new features and technologies included on motherboards designed for Intel ® X79 Express Chipset and Socket LGA 2011. ASUS has developed a full line of motherboards dedicated to a wide range of PC power. These include P9X79 boards with dual intelligent series with three new Digi + Power Control, TUF Sabertooth X79, and the motherboard ROG Rampage Extreme IV. The three sets of absolute star performance, stability and overclocking all powerful, respectively. They offer up to 64 GB of memory, PCI Express 3.0 preparation, and a number of unique features from ASUS.

P9X79 - Powerful performance and absolute control
Several unique features make this series of motherboards the ideal choice for PC users who require a combination of energy, increased flexibility and improved system tuning. It comes with the new generation of intelligent processors double three architecture, which now includes new modules Digi + digital control power control voltage (VRM) for the CPU and RAM. Rapid detection and response to go along to tune the power and very stable Vcore voltage to ensure overall efficiency and performance. The ability to modify the voltage in increments finer results through a user friendly interface to control and higher overclocking potential of each scenario. Users also benefit from the exclusive ASUS SSD cache, which uses a solid state speed intelligently to accelerate access common tasks such as operating system. Up to three times faster than mechanical hard disks, caching increases the performance of SSD with a single click and requires no reboot.

ASUS also provides a single interface based on graphical user UEFI BIOS, which brings the icons and mouse control to the BIOS for a more user friendly. It is equipped with new dedicated shortcut keys: F12 for snapshots F3 BIOS and system for information at a glance. ASUS also includes standard DRAM presence detection to troubleshoot problems with memory and POST. USB BIOS Flashback enables easy and rapid flashing BIOS with one touch and any USB storage device, all achievable with the power just waiting. 3.0 BT Go! Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity onboard allows faster and more convenient without the need for additional adapters, so that wireless devices for instant access, better compatibility and versatility.

TUF Sabertooth X79 - Fully reliable power through precision air conditioning
ASUS TUF Sabertooth X79 Motherboard
Robust and tested server grade TUF tables have quickly gained a reputation for better cooling and stability in its class, and the latest generation continues this tradition. Perfect for non-stop commercial and demanding applications, comes with a new generation of thermal TUF armor, now with two fans and air even more accurate. Higher dissipation and isolation of lower temperatures and thus ensure greater reliability and stability. Radar technology has 12 thermal sensors incorporated that detect heat levels across the board, adjust the fan speed automatically and manually to ensure optimum cooling. As P9X79 series, the X79 Sabertooth TUF Digi + also includes new power control, and as such offers more accurate CPU and DRAM power delivery. Greater flexibility in DRAM power results in stability and supreme reliability.

ROG Rampage Extreme IV - the conquest of power for the overclocking world records
ASUS ROG Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard
Rounding out the new computer power ASUS ROG Rampage Extreme IV puts new Intel ® for perfect use in the highest specification overclocking available to PC enthusiasts. It offers overclocking platform, giving players a wide selection of unique technologies. Your new X-Socket allows users to move LGA 1366 coolers and LN2 containers to the new LGA 2011 cards, saving money and maintaining the same cooling efficiency to which they are accustomed. On the other hand, OC Key works with any DVI graphics card connected to a live show on the display screen that contains vital statistics and system parameters, which users can modify instant overclocking, get the data need not look to an external monitor or laptop PC. Key works OC regardless of system resources, and not compromising performance or benchmarking.

Minus Sense is a unique ROG accurately measures the temperature of LN2 cooling, reaching an incredible cold as -193 C. With this information in hand, modders and overclockers can measure the performance of liquid cooling setups. For DIY genuine users, VGA Hotwire is the basis of welding and allows easy connection of the connectors system incorporated with the graphics card power delivery. Users can modify deeply the stresses of ASUS graphics cards from multiple interfaces, including OC Key, Turbo V EVO, and UEFI BIOS.

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