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Trending We Chat Applications available in Android and IOS

Are you looking for some way different to explore the android application and in the same time you can chat to all your friends in a simple way. then it is a great pleasure to announce that it is possible now. by using a We Chat, you can now connect to your friends similar to some applications available now in the internet. We chat application is more convenient to used and it has a  lot of features easy to hand on. for just a simple guide you can connect and chat to your friends 24/7.

Introducing We Chat available to download in Google Play which has a good and quality dashboard. not just that it has an easy instruction when you are a newly used. for elaboration, let me discuss something you don't know for a better used.

We Chat Application is designed for all the users to experience a greater way to hang out and explore some things new. for your information, We chat is available in android and  Ios in its newly version. it has a lot of simple way to make it explore.

Things to know about We Chat Application

Invite someone and be your " Live Chat" . by using this application it is allow to chat with multiple people you are going to invite and have some fun. it has also a fun way to live chat by using voice. it said that it is allow a user to talk while the others are listening. it has a red indicator to say that you don't have the right to speak when someone is talking. in short, one at a time. in the same time when someone is talking all in the group chat will hear what are invoice talking.

It is also possible to talk to someone by a face to face conversation. We Chat application is possible to make it real by its version 4.2 . in that case, a user will allow to chat with an actual conversation and that is one good thing to be considered in this We Chat applications.

Like one of the top social networking sites "Facebook" , it is also possible to chat to all your friends in a GROUP CHAT . it will lively and no delay when someone is chatting, it will automatically send and read all in the group what are the message sent. in this matter, it is depends on how fast your internet connection is.

This is the thing i love most, it has a unique and interesting emoticons different from other trending emoticons today. you can actually see this in some android and mobile phones. a unique way to express what are you try to tell by using this cute and amazing emoticons.

It is also one of the top and trending application that you don't have to sign up for your new account. the good news is, you can connect your Facebook account by entering your information users, and as simple as that you can now explore We Chat and ready to have some fun together with your lovely friends.

A Drift Bottle?

Maybe this is designed for someone don't have a chat by some incidence like busy or what ever. We chat has also a drift bottle button. said that you are going to put a letter made by text or a voice and you can throw it in the sea. after a moment, you can pick it again and someone was going to answer your message in the bottle. in some cases the reply was not a message but a jelly fish. i think it is an old version of friend finder or what ever you named for that.

If you want this,  simple hit the "Social"  and enable drift bottle from the settings and then plug in.

Photo taken from wechat.com (credits)

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