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Tutorials on how to hide and unhide computer folders

This is a guide and tutorials on how to make a folder HIDDEN. the output of this will be able to make a file like a folder and its subfolder will be hidden. to make to one see the folder and it will prevent some viruses affect the hidden folders. heres the tutorials..


First steps is find or locate the folder you want to hide and after you find it RIGHT CLICK it and go to the folder properties or PROPERTIES in the last options of the folder options. then you need to click the TOOLS in the tool bar left side of the FAVORITES and right side of HELP and FOLDER OPTIONS below TOOLS category. in the folder options just hit the VIEW and you may see the ADVANCED SETTINGS and you may go to the HIDDEN FILES and FOLDER and go select the button DO NOT SHOW HIDDEN FILES and FOLDERs and apply. it also ask if you want to hide the subfolders (folder or files inside the hide folders) just click on yes. and after, you may now save and click APPLY.

When you are going to locate or show the files you hide same way but instead of choosing DO not show hidden files and folders just click the other one the SHOW HIDDEN FILES and FOLDERS and you may now able to see the files you hide.

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