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Using Finger Veins for Biometric Security

Sony Mofiria Biometric SystemHuman body is still the central figure for security and now we have a new biometric recognition member of the family besides fingerprints and eye recognition. Sony have announced that they have developed a system to identify a person by their finger veins instead of traditional fingerprints. Each persons finger vein patterns are different from the others, even each finger to finger on the same person. The proposed Sony system is called as Mofiria and uses a combination of CMOS sensor and infrared lights. The result data then compressed into a small size which can even be stored on usual mobile phones. Sonys algorithm is fast and accurate enough to be used in gateway security systems and personal devices like computers, mobile phones. Sony intends to manufacture devices which will use Mofiria in late 2009.

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A new approach for biometric verification using finger veins and the increases security and trust [2]. The use of smart cards in combination with biometric,Finger vein ID is a biometric authentication system that matches the vascular pattern in an individual's finger to previously obtained data. Hitachi developed and ,Schneier on Security. Finger vein biometric has been up-and-coming for some time, I'm surprised Bruce just now tripped over it. Currently the technology is ,Hitachi has developed and is planning to field test the next technology in biometric systems using the veins in Security + Hitachi Steering Wheel Finger Vein ,Companies that choose to purchase a biometric for But IBG is predicting 300 percent growth in the use of vein made its contactless Finger Vein ,In an increasingly globalized and ubiquitous information society, security has become a paramount concern in today's world. Hitachi addresses these concerns with ,In fact, success greatly depends on using the correct biometric reader for your environment and needs. Finger and Palm Vein: Maximum Security For Any Environment.,Fake Physical Biometric ~ Iris / Fingerprint /Face Fingerprint Image Finger minutiae 4th ETSI Security These technologies enable the use of finger vein ,Finger Vein ID is a biometric authentication system that matches the vascular pattern in an individual's finger to end point security and automated teller , very high levels of security. Vein recognition biometric devices for vein recognition biometric solutions using finger vein patterns

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