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Autoplay virus solution - If you have problem with your drives that they are not opening, when you double click on then, then apply this trick:

You must have WINRAR

If d:\ doesnt opens,,,,,open winrar and goto d:\ in that.....you will be seeing file name "autoplay.inf"....delete that file..
Now refrsh your drives...
The virus is gone

* NEW FOLDER.EXE Virus Solution

Virus Infections

This virus affects your system by
  • Disabling Task Manager
  • Disabling Registry Editor
  • Creates a startup entry to start upon system start and
  • Creates its own exe files in Shared Documents folder which appear like ordinary folders.
  • Disables Folder Options
  • Uses your 50% or more processor
LINK : http://www.technize.com/?dl_id=6

Orkut is banned you fool,The administrator dint write this program guess who did ? MUHAHA THREAD REMOVAL
You took a cool breath when you searched this on google, right ? well yeah.. Lots of my friends have been poking me lately cause they think I infected their Laptops/PC when they were not around .. hahahah.. that adds devil smile on my face, cause I did not do it but they are so sure that I did it .. Cant make them understand, so the only way to make them realize is that I took the infected pen drive of my friend to my place and started discovering what happened basically..

So googled about the symptoms I found that this is a worm known as
w32.USB Worm
As the name specifies it spreads from USB drives to and fro :D

Now how do you tackle it.. A quick way for orkut addicted those who want a quick access to orkut is as follows..
1) Press alt+ctrl+del and goto processes tab
2) There you will see a list of processes under the different username, arrange the processes according to your username and search for the process svchost.exe
3) Right click and end process or end process tree.. Make sure you end the imagename or process which are under your username and not that which are under LOCAL SERVICE OR NETWORK SERVICE.
4)This gives you instant access to orkut..
A Similar of this variant gives you error on opening firefox.
The above 4 Steps solution works for the same..
Now a fix to permanently get rid of this nuisance, this pulls the interest of my friends who called me up and took help to access their orkut accounts instantly..
Follow as :-

5) Click start->run type c:\heap41a and press Enter. You cannot find this folder by looking through windows explores i.e. My Computer, as this is a hidden folder.
6) Delete all the files under this folder by pressing ctrl+a followed by shift+del key
7) Now again goto Start->Run and write regedit, this opens registry editor for you.
Press ctrl+f , a find dialog box opens, type heap41a and let it show you some results
9) You should see [winlogon] C:\heap41a\svchost.exe C:\heap(some number)\std.txt
10) Now delete whatever you see there cause you love orkut .. hahahah
Well your PC/LP is cleaned up and now you can open your orkut account without that nuisance.
Make sure you delete all the .exe files which are present at the root of ur pendrive which got created automatically(which you never created) . Rather scan your pen drive with a good antivirus.. That should allow you stealth your PC from the attack of MUHAHA 

Well this worm/virus removes hidden folder options or you are unable to see hidden folders. so enable the hidden folder option follow the steps as :-
1. Goto Start->run type regedit again to open registry editor
2.traverse as HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer3.
4)There you will see a DWORD key as NoFolderOptions . Set its value to 0 or simply delete it
vola !! there you go charmy.. you are a geek now.

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