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How to force Android 4.3 OTA update on your Nexus 4

Last week Google announced Android 4.3 and that it would be rolled out to Nexus device users immediately. However, as most software update releases, it seems even Android 4.3 update rollout is a staggered one with only some users having received it so far. That was the case with me as well, with my Nexus 4 still stuck on Android 4.2 and the phone showing no update available. Well, it turns out that you can force Googles servers to push the Android 4.3 OTA update with a simple trick.

If you havent received the update yet, go to Settings and select Apps. There select All and scroll till you find Google Services Framework. Select that and click on Clear Data, which would give you a warning. Disregard the warning and go ahead with it. Once done, go back to Settings, scroll till the end and select About phone. From there select System updates. It would show last checked for update sometime in 1970, which is alright. Now check for update again.

It takes a few attempts and if you dont get the update, repeat all the steps again. Hopefully, you should get the update. After installing the update, you might get errors while installing new apps or updating existing apps. In case you get those errors, delete all the Google accounts from your phone and configure them again.

Thanks everyone who shared this trick!


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