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Plastic iPhone 5C confirmed by Pegatron investigation


Pegatron is one of Apples manufacturing partners that handles both iPad and iPhone production. An investigation has just been completed that reveals the working standards inside Pegatrons factories are below par.

The company is apparently breaking both Chinese and international laws, which is a problem Apple and Pegatron need to deal with quickly. However, that same investigation has also inadvertently revealed that a plastic iPhone 5 is indeed a real product in production.

In order to review the working practices inside Pegatron, investigators had to be sent into their facilities. Those investigators took notes, which ultimately became part of the overall report (PDF). Sections of that report were diary entries, and within one an investigator confirms plastic backs from the iPhone are on the assembly line.


The diary entry includes the sentence This iPhone model with a plastic cover will soon be released on the market by Apple. It talks of a protective film being applied to the plastic case to protect it on the assembly line, and the fact it takes a minute to apply manually doesnt matter as the new cell phone has not yet been put into mass production.

While this confirms Apple is having plastic casings manufactured by Pegatron, they arent churning them out at full capacity yet. With a new iPhone not expected until the end of September at the earliest, theres still time to ramp up production, but it seems likely the value iPhone 5C would be launched after the premium iPhone 5S anyway.

The evidence is mounting that both a plastic iPhone is coming and that it will be named the iPhone 5C. I fear Apple is going to suffer another event where Tim Cook ends up announcing a number of devices his audience already knows all about.

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