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 Apple is the most desired and sought after brand, when it comes to laptops. White apple laptops are especially exclusive because of their color and clean look. Its brilliant features and super power graphics make it all the more poplar among the masses. Let's find out what else these white laptops have in store for us.
Multi-touch technology
White apple laptops come with this latest invention called multi-touch technology. This technology makes it easier to navigate and provides more options to interact with the track pad. The whole track pad works as a single button. Your fingers have more space to move and click. The track pad identifies multi touch gestures and therefore you can use more than one finger at a time to perform various functions like rotate, swipe, scroll, and so on.
Super power graphics and increased productivity
These apple laptops come in the beautiful and attractive white color. They have excellent graphics that enhance the enjoyment of video games by manifolds. Apple has made use of advanced NVIDIA graphics that supports the picture clarity, fineness, and speed of the laptop. It also has a fast Intel core 2 Duo processor. Now you can work with documents, make presentations, or browse through the web at a great speed.

Led backlit display and better battery back up

These white laptops from apple have a  WIDE SCREEN with a resolution of 1280*800 pixels. It gives you more room for multitasking. At the same time the laptop is compact enough to be carried easily. The led backlit display of this laptop welcomes you with bright colors and fine pictures. The battery back up of these laptops is also great. You can work continuously for seven hours.

Other features

The adapters of these laptops function through a magnetic connection. It is less prone to cord or system damage. The Wi-fi connection on these laptops also works very efficiently. There are easy ports for connecting other hardware. There is also an inbuilt sight camera with excellent picture quality. This camera also has an inbuilt MICROPHONE. You can easily video chat with its help. You can also use this camera to shoot videos. You also have an option of playing your own CDS or DVDs.
All these innovations and advanced techniques make APPLE LAPTOPS functionally better than others. The sale of these white laptops has increased monumentally over a period of time and we can safely conclude that these laptops are a hot favorite in the market.

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