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How to Write a Successful Blog

A lot of people are  thinking and making a lot of strategies on how they earned a money online and how to build a successful blog, and i am also one of those. it is really hard to earn money nowadays just because it is really hard to find a job to settle our future, but then i realized when i am a college student, i been decided to walk my path and look for something new and make it as my hobbies. a lot of things happen before i decided to make a blog and earned lots of money online, and if i were going to ask who i want to thanks? my former classmates who encourage me to write something and anything. then it comes that i remember what he was told me before when doing a blog. " make sure to write something with your favorite niche and make a daily routine to update everyday, and to make it rank, and able to impress Google Adsense."

I don't have an idea what he was talking to me back then, what is " Niche ? , what is Google Adsense ? , and how that thing going to help me today. i want to share this article to my fellow blogger who wants to earn thousand of money in the internet, and i want to help them understand step by step procedure on how they start making a blog or a website in a good way.

Make a new Blog / website
Before start making an article, make sure you have a home, where you are going to stay and put all the things you want to keep in short make your own blog/website. for those newly blogger and want to start now, you will need to registration depends on what flat form you want, you will be able to start making an article by using Blogger, a Word-press or direct and have your own web hosting domain. i will tackle web hosting  in my next article just because, when you are newly blogger like me it is good to use Blogger first and or word press.

Find a good Niche
It simply stands for " What you are going to write". it is the way on how a blogger fill those articles they are going to write. by understanding what niche is,  you need to focus on what category niche you are going to write then, just for example you are good in movies, then make a niche blog rich text on movies. when you are writing an article about movies, make sure that every visitors going to visit to your blog or website, they are satisfied before leaving your blog and that is one point to visit again in your next article. a Niche is also one of the important factors when you are going to make a blog and how to make a successful blog. i also research a lot of good websites regarding to make a good website, and i fully understand, that it is a fact that a niche will help a blogger or a website owner to have a good niche to maintain and make a good visitors worldwide.

How to make a good keywords in blogger
According to experts, using keyword will help bloggers make a lot of visitors, and they are going to visit your blog or website. Keyword Ad word Tools by Google is a famous and used by all big website owners worldwide to help them became popular. Keyword Ad word Tools will generate a good keyword that you are going to used in your blog niche, just for example, your niche is about Movies, then when you are going to used Keyword Adword tools it will help you make a good word to put it in your blog and it depends on you if you are going to make it your main keyword.

Let me explain how to used Google Keyword Adword tools to make a good keywords. you can go in the link to proceed. then, you can put your desired word or phrase to look for Global and local monthly search "Find keyword one per line". enter the non robot keys and okay.

Example, the word you are going to put is MOVIES. 
Global Search 400+ Million
Local Search 83+ Million
Competition -  Low
Match Type Broad (locate in left side)
About 2 Billion search / Related Search (you can see this when clicking the movies and search on Google)

In this data, it is a bit very difficult to make your keyword to make it to the top. according to expert it is better to used phrase keyword to rank a keyword.

Suggested things to do
Search for "upcoming movies in theaters" instead of movies only
Global Search 2,900
Local Search 1,000
Competition Low
Match type Phrase
About 43 Million search /Related Search

You can see the big difference between those 2 example, if you are going to used the first one, yes it is good that a lot of search Global and local search, but the fact that about 2 billion search and related is very hard to make it to the top. the second one is bit too low in global and local search, but it is good to know about the search and related is 43 million. compare to the first one it is better to used the second one.

Best Thing to do

  • Look for big digits in global and local search
  • Make sure to used Phrase in match type
  • Only used Low competition only
  • This is important thing, make sure that the About - search / related search is bit too low in digits.

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