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Applications of RFID

RFID has various applications due to its liberal cost and also have more advantages.

RFID systems can be used just about anywhere, from clothing tags to missiles to pet tags to food anywhere that a unique identifi cation system is needed. The tag can carry information as simple as a pet owners name and address or the cleaning instructions on a sweater to as complex as instructions on how to assemble a car. Some auto manufacturers use RFID systems to move cars through an assembly line. At each successive stage of production, the RFID tag tells the computers what the next step of the automated assembly is. The following are
some of the applications of RFID systems:

Automotive. Auto makers have added security and convenience to automobiles by using RFID technology for anti-theft immobilizers and passiveentry systems.

Animal tracking. Ranchers and livestock producers use RFID technology to meet export regulations and optimize livestock value. Wild animals are tracked in ecological studies, and many pets who are tagged are returned to their owners.

Assets tracking. Hospitals and pharmacies meet tough product accountability legislation with RFID; libraries limit theft and keep books in circulation more effi ciently; and sports and entertainment entrepreneurs fi nd that smart tickets are their ticket to a better bottom line and happier customers.

Contactless commerce. Blue-chip companies such as American Express, Exxon Mobile, and MasterCard use innovative form factors enabled by RFID technology to strengthen brand loyalty and boost revenue per customer.

Supply chain. Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and other retailers have discovered that RFID technology can keep inventories at the optimal level, reduce outof- stock losses, limit shoplifting, and speed customers through check-out lines.

RFID tags are often envisioned as a replacement for bar codes, having a number of important advantages over bar code technology. One of the key differences between RFID and bar code technology is RFID eliminates the need of line-of-sight reading that bar coding depends on. Also, RFID scanning can be done at greater distances than bar code scanning. High frequency RFID systems(850950 MHz, 2.42.5 GHz) offer transmission ranges more than 90 feet. Bar codes are fi xed at the time of printing and can be rendered useless by defacement or smudging. Bar codes can be spoofed or easily defeated by any malicious individual having a laser printer at their disposal.

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