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How to make new account in your computer and putting password

This is an easy guide and tutorials on how to put a password into your computer account and adding a new account in the computer. by adding a computer password you will be limited the users who are using the computer just because you will be able to put a password and they are not going to enter the computer otherwise they know the password. also adding password in your computer will allow the users make it private but dont worry there is a GUEST where a new user will able to enter but it is limited only.


Go to the START lower left of the computer desktop, go to the SETTINGS and select the CONTROL PANEL. a new window will appear and go and select the USER ACCOUNTS.

you can see the following


Change an account

This is changing the account you want either it is your Personal account or a guest account, this is depend on how many USERS ACCOUNT created in the computer.

Create a new account

You can make a new account and make it personal, by using this tab you may able to make a new Account depends on how many users are going to log in and creating a personal account. by creating you may able to  PUT A PASSWORD for PRIVATE USED and account but no password.

Change my picture

By adding a new pictures or changing it, it will change the icon account picture and able to change it anytime. this will result by changing only the account profile and not harming the computer.

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