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BrickHouse Children Locator

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The panic created for most of the parents from children side is thier "run-away" built-in feature. And for sure these are the very deaperate moment for the whole family. That is what inspired Brickhouse to comeup with a cool gadgets for children safety.The device is preventive and at the same time problem solving. The producer of BrickHouse Children Locator guarentees you that you will never lose track of your children, when your children is wandering here and there in shopping Malls or in public area.

The device works by simply attaching a small tag to your children's shoes, jacket, backpack, etc. Then, if needed, the homing device simply leads to their location in a few seconds, through both audio and visual directional guidance technology that leads you within 1 inch of the lost child. Furthermore, the closer you get, the device beeps faster, letting you know when you've reached your target. Locate Mode has a coverage area of 600 feet away outdoors and up to 250 feet indoors.The Alert Mode prevents your little one from going too far in the first place, as it can be set to alarm the parent if the tagged items get outside a predefined safety zone . The device can track up to 24 different tags.

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The BrickHouse Child Locator with Distance Alert, powered by Duracell, lets you keep a constant eye on your child -- even when you're not looking.,The Brickhouse Child Locator looks like a remote control, and comes with tags that you attach to your loved ones. This new technology is designed to warn you if a ...,The Brickhouse Child Locator lets you keep an eye on your child in public areas at all times. This device is simple. Just tag your child as if you were a ...,Learn how to use The BrickHouse Locator to find your loved ones, ... 0:21 Child Locator Solutions From BrickHouse Security by BrickHouseSecurity 1,067 views,Verdict: Good for Finding Your Keys or Wallet. Pets and People...Not so Much This device is also sold under the name "Brickhouse Security Child Locator with Distance ...,If it would track a child in the park (as in their TV commercial), I thought it would be useful for tracking my pets outdoors. I bought the Brickhouse Child Locator ...,Locate Your Wandering Child Anywhere; Get Alerts When Your Children Wander Too Far; Includes 4 Locator Tags (1 being a Panic Tag) Very Easy to Use, Portable Indoor ...,This child locator affixes easily to your tot's clothing, allowing you to locate her in any crowd. ... About BrickHouse Security. Brickhouse Security Reviews.,Mommy I'm Here cl-305 Child Locator with New Alert Feature, Blue by Mommy I'm Here,The Toddler Tag Child Locator, exclusively from BrickHouse Security, is an easy-to-use one-touch child locator device with no monthly fees.

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