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Trending Top 5 Games in Facebook and brief review

I was bit confused when i am doing some research about what are the top trending games especially in Facebook. a lot of my friends asking me to play some of good games in the internet and make it as my game hobbies. the last time i wrote article regarding to the Top 10 Great Games in Facebook to play i read some of my friends advice, and aside from the games i mentioned last time. i am going to  add additional top 5 games in Facebook able to play by kids that surely hit to them.

Additional Five Great Games in Facebook to be Play

Facebook Game Words with Friends
In this game it is like playing scrabble, it is a unique game to play same as scrabble with your Facebook friends and it has a lot amazing things to do. make a lot of letters to make a wonderful words and put it in the board to get awesome scores and beat your friends. according to some saying, knowledge starts from words. that is why it is one of the great games able to encourage to play by kids to make their mind sharps and have some amazing sharp memory, and make it one of your best games to play.

Facebook Game Farmville (first version)
If i am not mistaken, i already played this game and make a lot of efforts to plow the land and make a lot of goods in Farmville. it is the first version of the game Farmville 2 that has now a lot new things able to do in that game. and one of those are making recipes to have experience, to make your experience bar explode and advance to a new level. Farmville 1 and Farmville 2 is similar game, all you have to do is make your Farm one of the best and make awesome goods to sell. Farmville by Zynga is a great way to have a lot of friends by visiting there farm everyday, discover a lot of places in different regions to take care of your farms.

Facebook Game Zynga Slingo
One of the best games in Facebook similar to Bingo game, How to play Zynga Slingo game is one of the top question to be ask in the internet and here are solutions in that questions. in this game, all you have to do is match the number similar in the board and make SLINGO!. you can play ever you want while you have a lot of energy left, once it  out of energy, you can add more friends and by stay out a little while to recharge your energy.

Facebook Game Songpop
Are you one of the best singers? did you memorize the song lyrics and title of that songs? then here are the best games to play able to challenge your singer career. How to play Facebook Songpop is a quiet easy to play, all you have to do is guest the given songs and answer it by clicking it in the multiple choice answer list. some answer required title or song artist. make lot of scores and bet your friends. you can play this game in Facebook and IOS.

Facebook Angry Bird Friends
It is one of the best games able to play in your computer by challenging your friends to make a best gamer. Angry Bird in Facebook is a new games that surely hit and have some amazing features to do. it is also one of the popular game Angry Bird Rovio able to play in computers, phones, IOS and Androids. make updated to some interesting games and make a good score.

A lot of more games to be post in my next blog. make sure to play it with your heart and happy gaming..

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