Hide your Data in an Image
Hide Your Files In An Image

All you need is WinRAR INSTALLED ON Windows XP.Gather all your files.Now add those files in a RAR Archive
For example Secret.rar

Now copy the RaR file to a folder.
For Example : C:/hidden/

Now copy any image which is in JPEG format to the same folder above.
For Example logo.jpg

Now Open MS-DOS
Go to : C:/Hidden/

then type this
COPY /b logo.jpg + secret.rar output.jpg

Now you will see a output.jpg in that "C:\Hidden\" folder.
Now only winrar can open it.You can also Open it by changing Extension to .rar.

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How can I hide data within an image? Answer. For this to work you will need WinRAR installed on your computer and Microsoft Windows with access to the command prompt.,To add, change, or hide your display image: Select Messenger | My Display Image. Select one of the following options: Don't share a display image;,HIDE YOUR SECRET MESSAGE INSIDE IMAGE. Home TECHNOLOGERS COOL TRICKS E-SHOPPING now move to your image and file location using cd name_of_folder or,How To Hide Your Files In Image. To hide your files in a image you must know some of commands of an windows command prompt and you must have a winrar.,CSArchive.Net: How to Hide Your Files in an Image Today I am going to introduce you an exciting trick that how hide your files in an image file.,There are two ways to Hide your File Inside an image. I have already told you how to hide any file in an image without using a software.,How to Hide an Image on Facebook. Facebook lets users upload images into photo albums. By default, your Facebook friends can see all the images you upload and browse ,Did you ever want to hide your image path and the image name on your site ,on your blog, So simply enter your image path and press "Generate" to show up the script.,Hide your sensitive data in image files. Version 2 of this great Stenography software, Now with better encryption (RC_4) and SHA hashed passwords, ,easy and quickly, you can hide anything in an image data.1. Compress your files to a *.rar archive. (Images.rar)2. lie an image (image1.jpg) and the. Watch

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