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Ways to verify Paypal Account using Smart Money

If you are one of the thousand people who have a problem on how to verify your Paypal account, here are some ways that are effective to verify your Paypal account using Smart Money or Banco de Oro (BDO). when i was thinking of it, it takes me a lot of concerns on how to make sure that i can verify my Paypal without hassle and it don't waste my money just to verified.

Anyway, here are some reason why you need to verify your Paypal account. as far as i know this is very important to remember if you are planning or maybe one of the top website owner or making money online.

  • A verified Paypal account make a lot of things of you are doing money online. like when you are shopping online, Paypal can bought goods and pay it using Paypal.
  • A Paypal owner need to verify it if you are going to buy a Domain in your websites. the fact that you can also change and make your website into . blog spot into .com by availing in popular domain sites like Go Daddy and Name cheap.
  • A verified Paypal is also one good point to get the trust of people or a seller when they are selling some goods or any other things that can be bought online.
  • A verified Paypal is a hassle free when it comes to buying items in the internet.
  • Paypal is one of the good ways if we are talking about money storage to keep it safe.
Here are some ways you need to know when you are verifying your Paypal accounts using Smart Money and this is the way i got my verified Paypal account. if i wore you make sure to verified your Paypal account in a clean and legit way not to confused about how to verify Paypal account without a bank account. maybe some users who already verified it without using a bank account may disagree in this article, but i want to guarantee that this is effective without worries.

But before verifying your Paypal account, here is the first step to have a Bank account card that able to put in Paypal verifying.

Steps to have Bank card using Smart Money
  1. One of the top network offers here in the Philippines SMART, you can visit their article link if you want to Get Smart Money Account. and here are the steps regarding.
  • In your Mobile Phone text MONEY and send to 343
  • After, you can type your desired W-PIN in six digits
  • Then, you can type/ insert again your W-PIN in six digits
  • After inputting your re inter w-pin you can select if you are going to LINK ACCOUNT or GET ACCOUNT choose GET ACCOUNT and select BDO.
  • A message came when success and confirming the transactions.
  • You can visit now BDO or nearest SMART MONEY center with the Smart money number that included in the confirmation text.
Hope this article may help you, and make your Paypal account verified using Smart Money and BDO. best regards to someone help me to enlighten and to  make this article, Micheal..

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