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Battle between Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 unveiled

Spend many days for the comparison of two new gadgets for which is the better one, i have a lot a of research find out which is best when it comes to features, quality phone and other related aspects when we talk about which is better one "Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4" . after long way run find out which is the best phone in the market today. aside from that, a lot of things a user must know for which is the better one.

Which is best, iPhone 5 vs. S4
A lot of rumors when it comes to its features, one major factor to know which is the best is to find out which is a friendly handy to the users. we all know that Samsung Galaxy S4 is a wider screen, in that matter a user might used its 2 thumbs i guess to closed or to deal with some buttons. it is also possible to used both hands when we are going text or call to someone. a fact that, it is bit more in favor to iPhone 5 which can deal things using a bare one hand. 1 point for iPhone 5.

The fact that a wider screen is also one advantage when it comes to screen resolution specs, Samsung has 5 inch Super Amoled display while the iPhone 5 has only 4 inch. it is also considered in favor to Galaxy S4 for having a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels while 1136 x 640 pixels only for iPhone 5, and that points to Samsung S4.

We must also consider the thing about opening or removing the back area of this two gadgets. in that case, Galaxy S4 is more convenient and easy remove the back and it is possible to change the battery. also, it is easy to change or remove its removable storage memory while the iPhone 5 cant.

Considering that a Galaxy S4 is more convenient and a friendly user too, when we are talking about managing and to access to its settings. it is easy to open to its notification tray which you can see all the widgets either you are going to open or close which it is advantage to iPhone 5 again.

Camera Features
I find out an actual demonstration which is better when capturing a photo and that is point to iPhone 5 but not too far win to Galaxy S4.  an iPhone 5 can capture great photo's for its 8 megapixels camera. it is good to know that even Galaxy S4 with a 13 megapixels camera i phone 5 can win. in the illustration, it is clearly show that an 8 megapixels camera can  capture good with or without a flash. it is good for having camera even in a daylight. but the fact that Galaxy S4 have a creative in features.

Battery Life for Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5
Well, when it talks about its battery, Samsung Galaxy S4 has an advantage to replace its battery while the iPhone 5 cant. anyway, Apple iPhone 5 has a Li-Po 1440 mAh Battery while the Samsung Galaxy S4 has 2600 mAh battery, a long way to defeat the Galaxy S4. but the real thing here according to the demonstration, i was amazed for the Apple iPhone  5 which can stay longer battery capacity and can defeat S4 in this round. in the illustration made, they are both in battery saving mode, the Galaxy S4 has a battery life 5 hours and 59 minutes while the Apple iPhone 5 has a battery life 7 hours and 15 minutes.

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