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Factors to remember when associating to Google Adsense

If we are talking about money online, first came to our mind is to earn and make some interesting things and to associate to some top advertisers out there. and having Google Adsense in our website it is possible to make a lot of money to earn. but, the fact that it is not easy to achieved to be one of those publishers. it takes a lot of effort to have it in our website. as one major source to  make online money and can be used by  putting some ads in our website. i have visited a lot of blog discussing on how a simple blogger make money online and to have Adsense account. in some ways, some bloggers has a birth luck and they have one. aside from happy face there are also no luck about this matter. that is why i want to share some important factor you need to have first before planning to associate.

But why Google Adsense are very popular, and they make a lot of effort just to make them associated. and why so many bloggers failed to comply even though they make a lot of efforts. i wrote some informative ideas to answer those question and maybe, it will help to some bloggers to correct what are the things they made before that is why they got banned and account suspended.

Make an Interesting Ideas to Emphasize Knowledge 
As a visitors, i want to visit some website that give me a lot of knowledge and before i am going to leave, i have a lot of information's remained in my mind, and i am going to visit this website again and again. in short, when you are a provider, make sure to put all stuffs and effort in what things you give. not just to write a pointless idea but to give it in interesting shot. having a good way to communicate to people by reading your article post has a great advantage, to get well to someone who visit your website or blog.

Direct to the Point
Back then, in my first time to write an article, i have a lot of problems when i am going to fill my article post. all i want is write and write. not knowing that my post is short and a bit too long but pointless. but i learned some ways to make it improved, thanks for some interesting website that i read, and here are the tips. when you are going to make an article. make sure that it is a brief but informative, the point that i don't say that you need to make your article post short but my point is, a visitors want to know an urgent answer to his or her questions in a easy method not having a long discussion.

Less Images is Good than Having Unappropriated One 
A website with a lot of images is depend on viewers if it is good? or not?, why? just because, we are not having a same internet connections and gadgets to open the website that it has the information we need. in short, having a lot of images in blog makes a website slow loading. and as a visitors, i don't want to wait some seconds or maybe a minute to open the website, if there are more websites available to open without hassle to open. also gadget matters, gadget has a different kinds of operating system and features, what if i am using a very old model laptop and i want to open some information in website that rich in images or maybe some not appropriate ads. should i continue to open it and wait too long? or maybe im going to look for another one.

Don't Used Personal Stuff
When you are going to submit your applications to Google Adsense, i think it is better to make an interesting niche, to write it for visitors and NOT the things you love most and the personal matters. especially the things included in Google Rules and Regulations.  a blogger is providing informations and we are targeting visitors, so the fact that we need to serve our visitors like a customer in fast food chain, giving them a good costumer service and serve well. make sure when you are going to submit applications to Google Adsense, don't put your favorite songs, favorite artist, favorite dish and favorite colors. read some information regarding this matter, because reading is a best way tools to enhanced our writing capabilities.

Proper way and Good Vibes
Internet is a huge way to explore, and let me discuss some of important matters before submitting your blog to Google Adsense.

  • A Six Months old Blog - Some Publisher says that it is the best way to get approved. but then,
  • Update Regularly - If you are waiting for six months BUT NOT updating your blog and posting regularly, then how Google give a point your website or blog.
  • Learn to have visitors by using Keyword Adword Tools.
  • Clear, Clean and Informative Blog.
  • Explore Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Learn also to popularize your website by posting in social network like Facebook, Twitter and the very useful GOOGLE +.
  • Learn and make it habit. Blogging is "is to share not to Earned" . 
  • Learn how to write and not to copy paste.
  • Make a little house keeping.
  • Last but not the least,  SMILE WHEN MAKING ARTICLES, DON'T FROWNED. next time you look at the mirror your face get too old. and maybe your lover not want you anymore. ^_^ 
Hope this Article helps you.

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