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How to make video using Movie maker and how to add video effects and transition


By adding VIDEO TRANSITIONS it will make your movie good and it will have a nice effect that will appear every time after it change pictures or image.

As you can see in the image, first hit the SHOW TIMELINE and it will go to the timeline scroll. in that way it is easy to make a movie or video transitions. after clicking the Show Timeline, hit the VIEW VIDEO TRANSITIONS and you can see the image effects that make your image change style depends on what video Transitions you used. like for example i select the BARS video transition it will appear in the video slide sample in the right side of the Movie maker dashboard. every Video transitions have its own unique video transitions and make your video more awesome.

By adding the Video Transitions in the video you created you must grab it and put in the SMALL SQUARE before the IMAGE BOX and will automatically appear its video transitions effect every time you play the movie play button in the Video Slide in the right side of the Movie maker Dashboard.

After putting Video transitions in your video, you can also put image effects or a VIDEO EFFECTS and add it in your video. you can add VIDEO EFFECTS by clicking the "STAR with 5 dots" that are located in the IMAGE in the slide.

Right click the stars and click the Video effects and it will appear another window that will be guiding you to pick or remove a Video effects that you can put into the video. you can click effects in the "Available effects" and click "Add" and it will go to the displayed effects and click okay and automatically added into the video effects in the video you are creating.

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