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How to make a video using Movie maker and how to add text credits

(Second step)

By adding credits into the beginning and in the end will put text like beginning text "This is Introduction " and you can put "Thankyou For watching in the ending.

you can click the MAKE TITLES AND CREDITS in EDIT MOVIE in the movie task in the left. and click the TITLE AT THE BEGINNING and start making your own introduction. after you click it you can see a window with a 2 columns box and you can type your introduction Message. as you can see while typing TEXT in the box it will appear in the video slide in the right.

when Clicking the "CHANGE THE TITLE ANIMATION" it will change the animation of the text you enter in the box. don't worry you can see the  video animation everytime you select in the right video slide.
and you can also " CHANGE THE TEXT FONT AND COLOR " and it will change the font, transparency, Size, either bold, italic and underline and change the font color. after you done and select your best font you will now click the DONE, ADD TITLE TO MOVIE and it will appear in the beggining at the slide before the image you put.

By adding the END CREDITS, all you have to do is follow the instruction when you are adding TITLE AT THE BEGINNING TITLE but you instead of clicking TITLE AT THE BEGINNING you may select CREDITS AT THE END and it will appear in the end of the slide.

By adding beginning and end credits you must make sure that the SOUND and text credits will perfectly match. be sure that the interval of the Credits at the beginning and ending will match before the images appear. you can grab the files (image,sounds and credits) in the VIDEO to expand and to cut to match the sound all you have to do is click the image and you can see the ANGLE RED ARROW and hit the mouse either expand or make it short.

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