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Important 5 reasons review before choosing Galaxy S4

Here are the 5 major things and reason's you must know describing Samsung Galaxy S4, the last time i was discussing about this gadgets, i was bit confused and find out which is best, the Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 battle of specs. well then, it is always no winner just because it has good features for both of them, but still some features lack each others. let me discuss 5 major things for  Samsung S4 Specs might interesting to all the readers out there.

5 Things you must know for Samsung Galaxy S4 features

The Price

Unlike other Android phones that are trending in the market today, it has also a great features when it compares to Galaxy S4 specs. but the fact that some are telling that S4 is a little bit expensive when it talks about its price. i don't know the reason, maybe price for a newly released and maybe sooner or later it will decrease its price regarding to its demand. it said that Galaxy S4 is a price difference when compare to iPhone 5 by Apple. a little bit expensive when compare to iPhone 5, and that is one reason why other's select Apple gadgets than Samsung.

Powerful Processor Specification

When it talks about its processor, i don't regret why this Galaxy S4 is a best choice and one of the trending in a different kinds of search, trending in all forums and other related matters. did you know that Galaxy S4 Specs has a powerful 1.9 Ghz Quad-core Qualcomm Processor. yes indeed, it is one of the major and powerful android phone today for having such a wonderful specs and a hassle free when it comes to browsing and running applications and even games. one of the awesome phones that able to run any kinds of applications regarding to its size. and for additional features, it has 2 Gigabytes RAM  and 13 Megapixels camera. but not all the time seems S4 is higher than iPhone with it comes to their rivalry,  i was also included why a 8 Megapixels camera defeat a 13 megapixels in my previous article iPhone and Galaxy S4 battle of specs.

Touchscreen Size Matter

One of the great advantages when compare to some IOS or even an android phone is by having a quality and remarkable 5 inches Full High Definition screen, and that is one of the big reason why Galaxy S4 is a crowning Gadgets today. well, for the full features for its screen it has a Super Amoled capacitive touchscreen with 16m colors. 

External Design

Well, iPhone 5 has a great advantage for the external design for having such a hard case that protect the internal hardware. but The Galaxy S4 said to have a plastic design. but the good reason when comparing about this case, Galaxy S4 can easily change its battery and possible also to change its card slot and make a new one while the iPhone 5 can't do this thing. one thing must consider for those two.

Handy Phone

Good reason or bad, Galaxy S4 is a tall and wide screen when it comes to its good features, but not all the time tall is a great advantage when you are going to press the menu button or something might touch the screen using your thumb. well i think both of your hand handle this unlike to some other gadgets out there.

Well a lot of things must consider before choosing 1, well wait for more feedback and other reason why Galaxy S4 has a great features compared to other gadgets. also, for the question when is the galaxy s4 coming out will be answered for the next articles.

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