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Indoor games for kids Propeller Head in one minute challenge

Mommies out there, here is the top and trending game in the internet and it is indoor games for kids and possible also to play when there was a celebration like birthdays and it is a popular game in minute to win it games for kids.

Minute to win it Propeller Head

Indoor Game Propeller Head Requirements
In this game, you need to gather all the requirements to start the game. and it needs 40 propeller sticks, clothes basket, a table and tape foul line when all gathers lets proceed to game play.

Propeller Head Procedure
First, a player needs to put all the propeller sticks in a table that is behind the foul line, it is also need that the foul line was placed approximately 15 feet in front of the clothes basket. to start the game the player must going to begin propelling the stick, make sure that make this one of a time going behind the foul line.

How to end the game
The release propeller stick must successfully land in the clothes basket within 60 seconds or one minute, and the one who make it in a short time, the one who won the game.

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