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Ker Plink or Plunk a Minute to win it game guide

One of the top and trending game that already playing in Minute to win it Philippine edition, and it is broadcast weekdays, Monday to Friday at Abs-Cbn network.

Minute to Win it Ker Plink or Plunk Game

Ker Plink or Plunk Game Requirements
In this game, you need to gather the requirements to have fun and start the game that counts only on 60 seconds or one Minute only, you need a big bowl with water inside, three small bowls able to put and float inside the big bowl and lots of marbles.

Ker Plink or Plunk Game Procedures
To start the game, make sure that all requirements is set, put the 3 small bowls inside the big bowl filled with water, make sure that the 3 bowls float. then a player must bounce the marble into the floor or in a table. by completing the game, a player must put a marble each of 3 bowls within 60 seconds or one minute only.

Expert Guides
They say that make a lot of concentration to filled the small bowls with marbles. to make it, make sure that when bouncing the marble take a look where you bounce it and adjust every time trying. make sure to get it in a less bounced marble because the water make waves.

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