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Minute to win it Card Ninja Game instructions and guide

One of the top and trending game around the world is the game Minute to Win It and it is also a popular game here in the Philippines. Minute to win it game can also called a one minute challenge just because it is played in one minute only. and here is one of the trending game in minute to win it that can be watch in Philippine Television under Abs-Cbn network channel 2.

Minute to Win it Card Ninja

Game Requirements

In this game you need a required items to play this one minute challenge, and able to play both adult and kids. your going to need half of Watermelon, at least 1 deck of card, a line in the ground which serves as a foul line at least 5 to 6 feet. if you complete the game requirements lets proceed to game mode.

Minute to win it Card Ninja Game Instructions

It is easy to play this game, all you have to do is toss/throw the card into the watermelon and make sure the players stand before the foul line, if someone stick a card into the watermelon within one minute won the game. it is depend on the game procedure if how many desired watermelon to be used and stick a card into it.

Expert Guide

Some players did not know how to throw the card, but according to expert, it is depend on how to throw the card. it said that when tossing the card you need to throw it like throwing a frisbee and a dart throwing, so that the card will stable and the motion is quick flickering.


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