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Minute to win it Tilt a cup game guide

Minute to win it is a trending game in the Philippines where in there is a show in Abs-Cbn where a one minute challenge playing this game and here are one of those.

Minute to Win it Tilt a Cup

Tilt A Cup Game Requirements
In this game, you need to gather all the requirements to play this game and it needs 6 to 8 plastic cups, a basket full of ping-pong balls , table that serve where to place the basket of ping-pong balls and after collecting the game requirements lets begin.

Minute to Win it Tilt a Cup Game Instructions
A player must hold the plastic cups in one hand and the other hand serve as the one who bounce the ball into the floor, make sure that the ping-pong ball shoot into the cup, and if successfully shoot the ping-pong ball, get the bottom cup and place it on the top. repeat the procedure until all the cups has a ping-pong ball inside of it. make sure to finish the game in one minute.

Experts Guide and Tip
The game needs a balance, make sure that be focused on the game and balance well the cup and avoid fallen into the ground.

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