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Stylish Handheld 7'' Digital TV (ATSC)

This Stylish electronic gadget is pocket digital TV comes with a 7 inch wide TFT LCD screen, a retractable antenna 85 CM, with stereo speakers and a remote control. You can now really enjoy this stylish digital television on the go as it is supposed to be.
With this cool electronic gadget, handheld digital television, you will never miss a single moment of your favorite sports and television. How does this stylish e gadget work? It's very easy to use! First, fully charge the battery and the power of this portable digital television equipment. Now, extract the antenna, then press the menu button and you will be able to instantly scan digital ATSC broadcast channels.

The stylish electronic gadget is very useful for those who love the outdoors, you can take camping, beach, hiking, hunting to name a few, and plug-ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW . Finally, here is a solution for sports fans who can not always do at home in time to catch the game, beacouse this stylish e gadget solved the problm of sport fans. This stylish electronic gadget is really look like beautiful, so enjoy with stylish e gadget mania.

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