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Top 5 Best Buy Laptops and features review

I was amazed and surprised when i was saw some of the best buy laptop that are available in the market. not only that, they have awesome specifications compare to other brand. as an I.T student i was aware when it comes to gadgets specially computers and laptops, just because it is one of the best weapon need to have and  be updated. i don't think if the laptops i am going to discuss and give a brief summary of features are also a trending in your country, but the fact that it is good and surely it hits to someone planning to have one. I am going to discuss according to brand name, there is no alphabetic and price level.

Here is your chance to look up and review for their specs and features, if you are planning to buy one. laptop has a different  kinds of Operating System and different brands. that is why it takes time also to analyze it first before selecting one. Best laptop to be considered when your needs is suit to it. like for example, when you are gamer and looking for a best laptop. as far as i know, you need to have a laptop that support gaming specs, a laptop that makes you satisfy.

Best selling laptop has also features for business used only, can used anytime and anywhere without fast to low battery and it will cut your business transaction. make sure to have a laptop that can carry and with battery capabilities to used in a longer time.

Laptop that can save electricity. a lot of laptops out there especially in the market, that has a big adapter that can used to charge. I've been using an old laptop that has a 15 volts and 5 ampere, in that case it has a big current consumption that may consume more electricity. but some of new laptop available in the market can survive in a long day run without charging with low volts and ampere.

 Top 5 Best Selling Laptops and Brief Summary

Dell Latitude 10
One of the best laptop / tablet with a processor speed of 1.8 Ghz with Windows 8 Operating system. it also has a Random Access Memory or RAM of 2 GB and can be store files in its 128 GB storage capacities.

Lenovo ThinkPad X230T
It has an awesome processor with Intel Core i5 with speed of 2.6 Ghz. can be store up to 320 GB files with Windows 7 Operating System, with 4 GB of Ram and screen size of 12.5 inches.

Toshiba Pertege R935- P322
Processor speed up to 2.5 Ghz with 640 GB Storage capacity, it also has 14 inches screen and 6 GB of RAM. with a processor name Intel Core i5.

Asus VivoBook
It has a Storage space of 524 GB and processor name Intel Core i5, with 14 inches screen and 4 GB of Random Access Memory or RAM.

Apple MacBook Pro
This is one of the top and trending laptop available in the market, in this Laptop you can experience big screen wide with 13 inches and 2.5 processor speed. 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage capacities.

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