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Apple responds to electrocuting chargers with takeback program


You may remember last month a woman in China was killed when she picked up her iPhone to answer a call. The phone was plugged in and charging at the time, and somehow the handset managed to electrocute her. There has since been another incident that saw a man also electrocuted and hospitalized in China.

It seems unlikely either of those individuals were using official charges approved by Apple, but that hasnt stopped Apple seeing an opportunity to clear up the marketplace and make some money in the process.

Apple has announced it is kicking off a USB Power Adapter Takeback Program to allow anyone who owns one of its mobile devices to get their hands on an official power adapter. You can drop off any adapter at your nearest Apple Store or authorized service provider and Apple will dispose of them in an eco-friendly way.

Losing your counterfeit or third-party adapter may leave you without a way to charge your device, though. So Apple is offering you a solution in the form of a new charger for just $10. They usually cost around $19 so thats a healthy discount. However, in order to get one at that price you have to turn up at the store with the charger you are trading in and your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

On the one hand this is a great offer for consumers who are using unofficial chargers and want to be safe. On the other, its going to net Apple quite a bit of profit from the sale of new adapters, even if they have been heavily discounted.

The takeback program is set to kick off on August 16 and you can claim a $10 adapter right through to October 18 this year. There is a limit of one adapter per device you own, though.

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