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Remotte, a handheld accessory for Google Glass


Googles impressive jump into the wearable tech space has many other companies trying to figure out how they can be a part of the experience. The people behind Remotte think that what Glass needs is a Bluetooth joystick so you can use it without needing to use your voice or tap the side of your head.

Googles whole philosophy with Glass is to create as hands free an experience as possible while displaying short bursts of relevant information. You get the first few lines of an email, a quick glance at the weather, and a stripped down version of Google Nav for turn-by-turn directions. In the last update to the Glass explorer version of the project, Google made significant strides in making more of the UI voice friendly. The endgame really seems to be to enable users to use their hands as infrequently as possible, but even now you still need your hands for a significant portion of the UI.

Instead of reaching up and using the touch panel on the side of Glass, a small handheld controller is being developed to allow you to navigate Glass without touching the hardware.

It may seem a little silly to have an accessory for your smartphone accessory, but thats what Remotte is going for here. This Bluetooth joystick pairs with Glass and gives you the same control mechanisms you would normally have when you reached up and touched the hardware. This allows you to navigate Glass discreetly, or in crowded environments where it is inconvenient to those around you to have your arm at face level repeatedly.

On top of acting as a controller, Remotte includes several new sensors that Glass apps would have access to. This includes a temperature sensor, barometer, and a separate accelerometer and gyroscope. Contained within a small handheld controller with a 200mAh battery, Remotte hopes to be the must have companion for Glass users.

Remotte is not currently available for sale, which is good because neither is Glass. The company is currently testing the hardware and plans ot make additional announcements regarding capabilities in the future.

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